Who We Are

Physical Therapy

Our skilled therapists hold their doctorates in physical therapy. Our staff also includes board-certified orthopedic specialists to ensure that you get the best care available for the quickest results. We pride ourselves on an individualized treatment approach using hands-on therapy techniques, trigger-point release, soft-tissue techniques, dry needling, taping, cupping, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, and many more to achieve your goals.

Sports Training

Work with our therapists/trainers using our light-reflex trainer, video movement analysis, and speed/power training to maximize your potential within your craft. You will work alongside our skilled staff to assess how you play your sport and we will develop a state-of-the-art program that will certainly make you better, faster, and stronger.


Our trainers come from a diverse background using all methods of exercises that cater to your specific needs. Each client will be assessed by our physical therapy doctors for injury risk using our movement screening which will help develop a personalized program that will help you achieve the results that matter most to you. Work personally with our trainers who will consistently adapt the program for your progress.

Why is RISE Right for You?

Your life is busy, your time is valuable, and you aren’t physically where you want to be? Rise is here to bridge that gap with high quality, research-based, efficient, and effective interventions to achieve your goals.

Rise was started by Dr. Jonathan Gayed, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, OCS and is sincerely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. In his career, Dr. Gayed began to see many clients limited by insurance or financial burdens that impede optimal results. He is committed to bringing a high-quality healthcare experience, centered around the needs of the client, built by effective results.

No longer settle for therapy visits 2-3 times per week doing the same exercises with little to no results. Dr. Gayed believes in a personalized approach. At Rise, we recognize and embrace that everyone did not come to the same position the same way, not everyone has the same goals, and not everyone has the same time and resources. Therefore, to achieve those unique goals, you will need an equally unique and individualized program.

Rehabilitation, fitness, and nutrition at the highest of levels. Not everyone needs all three, however, everyone can benefit from at least one of these. Together, we can determine what will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Dr. Jonathan Gayed
Founder & Physical Therapist

Our Team

At Rise, you will feel the individualized approach that will propel you to your goals!

Not sure what RISE can do for you?

Come in and try out a focused starter session.

You’ll receive a taste of what our full plans involve. This isn’t a watered down consultation. You’ll see what to expect from all of our individualized monthly programs by doing an initial evaluation, going through an exercise to address areas of improvement and discuss at a high level what long term nutrition goals make sense for you.

If you decide to sign up for a monthly program, the starter session cost ($59) will go towards the monthly program and you’ll only need to cover the difference for the first month!

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